2011 research campaign forecast

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 The sub-marine search for the engine will be located near the "Grappins" heights, As of today, we are still awaiting funds from different administrations, but we contacted the IFREMER who proposed a cooperation during their own campaign "Extraplac", next summer in Saint Pierre. We would beneficiate from their facilities.

  • We are still working with the CNES and the Navy, to have ATL2 airplanes fly over the region with magnetometers in August or September.  .
  • We need to...
  • Do more work in Newfoundland and in Maine, and investigate amongst the fishermen and old people in Bob Rock, with the Fulmar Captain's help.
  • Visit to the former lighthouseskeepers, and their archives, in Saint John;
  • Investigate around Jewels Islands (Maine), where pieces of wood and metal which looked like they belonged to an airplane have been found in 1962. 
  • Visit the heirs of the Daley family at St Joseph, in Ste Mary's Bay
  • Develop our research in the archives in France, the USA and Canada:
    • French Foreign Ministry in Nantes
    • Fontainebleau's military archives
    • Washington archives
    • St John's archives


We also plan to meet in Norfolk the Coast Guards Admiral, to try to understand where the CG have put the pieces of wings after they found them. General Abrial, Commander in Chief of NATO forces, will help us.



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