L'Oiseau Blanc: March update

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Recent official contacts


  • I had a meeting in December at L'Elysee, with the President's counselors who are following our research. In January, Mr Jacques Gérault, cabinet director of our Defence Ministry came to our conference at the Aero-Club de France, and this was followed on March 9th with a meeting with our Aviation & Navy Chiefs of Staff. and in March I went to the Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) .
  • I also met the 12 members of the historical commission of the Aero-Club de France, very competent aerospace historians.   
  • The CNES are interested to work with us during our next campaign, at the end of August, using an ATL2 aircraft. 

2011 programme 

The next expedition is scheduled at the end of August, and will last three weeks. As said, the CNES will send a team with an ATL2 aircraft to search a 25 km2 zone. 

  • Our usual team will also work with a sonar and magnetometer, with both the Zephyr and Fulmar. 
  • The Coast Guards should be able to find in their Norfolk warehouse the pieces of the wings, found by fishermen in 1927. We are also investigating on a piece of wreck found in 1962 around Portland.
  • In the Air & Space Museaum in Paris, there is a trunk, which we need to find, because it contains pieces of aluminium sent by the French Embassy in Washington in 1961.
  • We thank all authorities for their precious help, and work to get founds that will enable us to pursue our search. Thanks All!

Bernard Decre


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