Preparation of June 2012 campaign!

Published on by Patricia Lamy for Bernard Decre

The success of an expedition is very much a matter of preparation!

Bernard Decre, President of the association “A la Recherche de l’Oiseau Blanc” (The search for White Bird), Nungesser & Coli aircraft, which ditched after having crossed the Atlantic 12 days before Lindbergh, is at this very moment working hard on the budget and technical matters for next research campaign, which will take place next June, 10th to 30th.

Contractors proposals come from everywhere: France, The USA, England, Canada.. and the costs vary from 1 to 3, always with 6 figures prices.


The research zone is now very well defined: a large rectangle 3 NM long and 1,5 NM wide, between “Les Grappins” and “Savoyard”, with an average of 30m depth.


Bernard Decre is also working on the boats which will be used, and their equipments. The French Navy has already confirmed that the “Fulmar” will be available.


As success depends also from the weather, an important matter is the insurance, in case it is impossible to be at sea during the campaign period.


A press conference will take place in Paris early April, we will keep you informed very soon.

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