Preparation of next campaign

Published on by Bernard Decre

croquis1.jpgPierre Lenormand and I are in Saint Pierre for about 10 days, in order to prepare the next session of research. The weather does not help: Continuous fog since the beginning of May.  

We are investigating a new area, with local fishermen, where we could find the engine: a little more west than the passed two years, that is to say between "Les Grapins" and the "Savoyard" buoy. This is because the discovery of a document in Aix En Provence archives one and a half month ago shows that the coast guards had put a buoy with a red flag in this zone, certainly not to fish lobsters or impression the bootleggers. This flag was a mark for the Oiseau Blanc wreck!  

We also have written to the President of the Territorial Council to ask permission to search the local Museum archives where we could very well find a piece of the aircraft.

Last but not least: Frederic Mitterrand, French Minister of Culture, is coming to Saint Pierre on July 27th. We do hope he will spend some time with us!

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