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Angele Decre, Art Director, is joining the team to manage this blog and the visual identity. Patricia Lamy, Arc En Ciel Communication, stays in charge of Press Relations.

contacts :

Angèle Decré : +33 (0)1 47 71 16 53 - +33 (0)6 07 55 45 81 -

Patricia Lamy :+33 (0)1 69 07 40 80 – +33 (0)6 08 84 84 08 –


Welcome to Angele from all the “Recherche de l’Oiseau Blanc” team!

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Saturday 30 june 6 30 /06 /Jun 13:35

We are leaving Saint Pierre with great faith in the future: we have made tremendous progress.


  1. First campaign in 2009: we had the help of the GPDA (French Navy) divers and a sonar. In 10 days of work, we have started to understand the field. If we had to give us a mark, it would be 5/20 for the terrain efficiency, and 10/20 for our work on the archives.
  2. Second campaign in 2010:  we have worked with rather simple sonar and magnetometer for 10 days. we deserve  7/20 for the terrain and 14/20 for the archive work, due to our exceptional discoveries Washington, Aix en Provence and Nantes.
  3. Third campaign in 2011 with the Suroit. We are still waiting for the results.
  4. Fourth campaign in 2012 with SAFRAN Group on board, which allowed us to hire a much more efficient equipment, and a very qualified team. Our terrain mark: 14/20. It is not impossible that, next fall, we continue the research for l Oiseau Blanc and the Ravenel.

We have new important leads in the American archives, on which we will start the work as early as July, and from September to December.

This means that we are already preparing 2013 with great faith, because, for the first time, we have circled the research zones with great precision, our team is very professional and we work together very well. We also understand better the techniques that need to be used, and we appreciate the help and trust of the inhabitants of Saint Pierre, who really believe in us, and whom we sincerely thank.




Stay tuned, you will read from us very soon!


Bernard Decré and team.

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Saturday 30 june 6 30 /06 /Jun 13:18


DECRE-4039.JPGAfter 14 days, the 2012 search for L'Oiseau Blanc is over. The aircraft is still undiscovered, under the waters. But to understand the complexity of this task, it may be necessary to remind you, dear reader, that the research zone is very wide, and that it requires a patient work, of searching the sea but also of checking the numerous testimonials, to define the exact place where the engine of the aircraft is probably waiting for us.


A patient work, done with a very good team, and excellent equipment. We have, for instance, found another wreck: the Cupids, which disappeared many years ago, have been located with precision.  Checks need to be done again. The weather was rather good most of the time, only a little rough at the end of the mission. But the people of Saint Pierre, who regularly attend the daily 7pm briefing at the Hotel Robert, can measure the progress acomplished since the beginning of the quest. Mr Jean-Philippe Girault, of SAFRAN  Group was with us, having taken a week holiday to understand the job and its needs better , in order to be able to halp next year.

The French Press is following the adventure, with several headlines in daily newspapers, and even a report in the evening news on TF1, French main TV channel.  

June 26th, 2012 has been the last day for the 2012 cappaign.  The team has left the islands on Friday, with good hope that the answers will come in due time.



Henri Lafitte, Chroniques insulaires –

26 juin 2012

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Tuesday 26 june 2 26 /06 /Jun 17:43


We arrived in the French territory of Saint Pierre & Miquelon, South of Newfoundland, on June 10th and installed all our new material on our boat, the "Zephyr". We started with the search for the "Ravenel", a fishing boat disappered in 1962. We made a promise to Saint Pierre's people to look not only for l'Oiseau Blanc, but also for the Ravenel.


We have now started to look for L'Oiseau Blanc, and after new information, we decided to modify the initial plan. 
    Our first intention was to look around "Savoyard", South West of Saint Pierre. This was after reading a document in the archives of Aix En Provence, saying that the coast guards had put there a red buoy to signal the place of the wreck. However, it is impossible to confirm that this buoy can have been seen that far West. Furthermore, a precise text locating precisely the fisherman Pierre Le Chevalier - who heard the pilots shouth after ditching - and the better definition given by our new equipment drive us to define a research zone in Grappin's East-South-East. We have therefore started to work there.
  While our crew works on calm waters, I interview old people. Today, a 95 years old gentleman, in perfect shape and very interested in our research left me a message to give me more information.   Mr Ozon wants to see me because, as a child, he saw Charles Lindbergh fly over Saint Pierre. These testimonies are precious, they confirm that the French aviators have been see flying over the island.

We still have 10 days of work ahead. The see is calm, although it rains a little, but we believe we will succeed! 
Stay tuned!
    Bernard Decre


Photo :  Patrice Latron, Saint Pierre's Prefect, with  Bernard Decré. copyright : Jean-Christophe l'Espagnol / Max'Image

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Thursday 29 march 4 29 /03 /Mar 12:50

Bernard Decre and his team have the pleasure to announce that a Press Conference, giving all details of the next research campaign (scheduled June 10th to 30th) will take place at the Aero-Club de France, 6 rue Galilée, Paris 16, on Thursday April 12th, at 08:30 am.

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Friday 9 march 5 09 /03 /Mar 11:40

The success of an expedition is very much a matter of preparation!

Bernard Decre, President of the association “A la Recherche de l’Oiseau Blanc” (The search for White Bird), Nungesser & Coli aircraft, which ditched after having crossed the Atlantic 12 days before Lindbergh, is at this very moment working hard on the budget and technical matters for next research campaign, which will take place next June, 10th to 30th.

Contractors proposals come from everywhere: France, The USA, England, Canada.. and the costs vary from 1 to 3, always with 6 figures prices.


The research zone is now very well defined: a large rectangle 3 NM long and 1,5 NM wide, between “Les Grappins” and “Savoyard”, with an average of 30m depth.


Bernard Decre is also working on the boats which will be used, and their equipments. The French Navy has already confirmed that the “Fulmar” will be available.


As success depends also from the weather, an important matter is the insurance, in case it is impossible to be at sea during the campaign period.


A press conference will take place in Paris early April, we will keep you informed very soon.

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Wednesday 15 february 3 15 /02 /Feb 18:48

This last Friday, February 2012, during the annual diner of the Aero-Club de France, Bernard Decré, President of the NGO " « A la Recherche de l’Oiseau Blanc »,  - The search for White Bird - has remitted officially the content of the research he conducted in the US government archives in Washington, to  Jean-François Georges, President of the Aéro-Club de France, Patrick Gandil, Director of the French Civil Aviation Authority, and Catherine Maunoury, Director of the  Air and Space Museum.

This very important file includes essential documents, found by Bernard Decré during the 3 years research campaign to discover the wreck - and more specifically the engine - of L'Oiseau Blanc aircraft flown by the French Charles Nungesser and François Coli, who disappeared in May 1927, during their tentative to cross the Atlantic, 12 days before the American Charles Lindbergh landed at Le Bourget airport.

These documents are the proof the the French pilots have indeed crossed the ocean, and were probably drowned after ditching in the sea, near the French islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, South of New Found Land. The documents also prove that pieces of the aircraft wings have been found by the US Coast Guards. 

The whole French aviation community was there, and the French Ministry of Culture was represented. This ceremony officially marked the acknowledgment of Nungesser and Coli's performance, and of Bernard Decre's work.  

However, Bernard's task is far from over: the clues are there, but the wings still have to be found in the Coast Guards wharehouses and the engine taken out of the waters. Bernard Decre is preparing a new campaign for next June, with the help of the French group Safran, the Overseas Secretariat of State , the French Navy, the Territorial Counsil and the city of Saint Pierre.

Photo : Bernard Decré on stage at the AéCF, with Patrick Gandil, Catherine Maunoury, JF. Georges and the delegate of the Ministry of Culture. copyright AéCF.

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