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  • Logbook: May 24th, 2009.

    26 May 2009 ( #News )

    The weather is still very rough: yesterday, 30 kts winds formed very hoarse seas. The regular boat from Terre Neuve had to stop her engines three times and got quite late in Saint Pierre. We had a shaky reconnaissance flight in a little twin engine aircraft,...

  • Log Book: May 26th

    29 May 2009 ( #News )

    Saint Pierre, May 26th, very late at night One day ahead of our planning, we have started the research this morning! The divers were super motivated, logistics OK, and the weather rather acceptable, although we had snow the night before. Water surface...

  • Log Book: May 28th. Where is the Ravenel?

    29 May 2009 ( #News )

    A fine day today: bright sun, cool air and light 15kts winds from N-W, allowing us to start working on the Ravenel search for the first time. This poor fishing boat and her 15 sailors have disappeared on Jan 26th 1962, near Terre Neuve, 18 km only from...

  • Nungesser & Coli crossed the Atlantic, here is the proof!

    19 December 2010 ( #News )

    After two research campaigns, Bernard Decre went to Washington DC in November, to search the Coast Guards archives. Local archivists were very helpful, as they begin to be very interested in this quest. They also want to know what happened to l'Oiseau...

  • Preparation of next campaign

    19 July 2011 ( #News )

    Pierre Lenormand and I are in Saint Pierre for about 10 days, in order to prepare the next session of research. The weather does not help: Continuous fog since the beginning of May. We are investigating a new area, with local fishermen, where we could...

  • 3rd research campaign for l'Oiseau Blanc - new pictures.

    27 July 2011 ( #News )

    Bernard is now in Saint Peter, here is some news. Pierre Lenormand, Chief of logistics, and I, have 3 objectives: Consult the Parish 1927 and 28 information bulletins to find new evidences, as the Governor's archives have partially been destroyed by several...

  • A meeting with the French Minister of Culture!

    01 August 2011 ( #News )

    Just before leaving Saint Pierre, we have found a document, published in the Parish bulletin in May-June 1927, which mentions that the noise of an aircraft engine might have been heard at Swift Current, "in the mountain", at 13 km West of Saint Pierre,...

  • Time to remember...

    14 November 2011 ( #News )

    This November 11th, the French President said we have to remember our heroes, dead for their country... Did he think of Charles Nungesser, the "Ace of Aces" and his navigator Francois Coli? We salute the commitment of Patrick Gandil, French Civil Aviation...

  • Happy new year ahead!

    22 December 2011 ( #News )

    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! We would like to thank you all: our partners, our members, the Press, public and private administrations who have been helping us for the last 4 years. 2012 will be a very successful year: we are very proud to...

  • Update, June 20th 2012

    26 June 2012 ( #News )

    We arrived in the French territory of Saint Pierre & Miquelon, South of Newfoundland, on June 10th and installed all our new material on our boat, the "Zephyr". We started with the search for the "Ravenel", a fishing boat disappered in 1962. We made a...

  • Last day of work

    30 June 2012 ( #News )

    After 14 days, the 2012 search for L'Oiseau Blanc is over. The aircraft is still undiscovered, under the waters. But to understand the complexity of this task, it may be necessary to remind you, dear reader, that the research zone is very wide, and that...

  • The learnings of June 2012 campaign

    30 June 2012 ( #News )

    We are leaving Saint Pierre with great faith in the future: we have made tremendous progress. First campaign in 2009: we had the help of the GPDA (French Navy) divers and a sonar. In 10 days of work, we have started to understand the field. If we had...

  • L'Oiseau Blanc (The White bird)

    06 May 2009 ( #History )

    Charles Nungesser and Francois Coli had taken off on 8 May 1927, Le Bourget, at 5:20 in the morning wind from east to join New York in 36 hours, direct route ... We saw them fly Etretat, probably Southampton, then in Ireland , and some witnesses over...

  • Research expedition

    06 May 2009 ( #News )

    From 20 May to 10 June 2009, with the assistance of the Secretariat of State for Overseas Territories, the Navy aboard the Fulmar, a patrol vessel based in St. Peter, the team of "A Research de l'Oiseau Blanc ", conducted by Bernard Decré...

  • The movie

    06 May 2009 ( #News )

    B. Decré has asked Louis Pascal Couvelaire, renowned filmmaker, who was always fascinated by history, to make a 52 minutes documentary film about Charles Nungesser and mysteries surrounding his death, co-produced by Films Actarus (Lerouge Ophelia) and...

  • Log book: May 22nd.

    23 May 2009 ( #News )

    Saint Pierre, May 22nd 2009 The orthodromic route followed by modern aeroplanes is exactly the one followed by the Oiseau Blanc, with a South-East heading in the end to avoid the low pressure zone located North East of Terre Neuve, during the night of...

  • Erik Lindbergh writes to Bernard Decre!

    19 December 2010 ( #News )

    We publish here an e-mail which Erik LIndbergh wrote to Bernard Decre a few weeks ago. "Dear Bernard, I congratulate you on your excellent research! While I hesitate to speak for the rest of my family or the Lindbergh Foundation – it is safe to say that...

  • Update on "La recherche de l'Oiseau Blanc" - Feb 2011.

    21 February 2011 ( #News )

    Our last discoveries in the NARA archives in Washington DC confirm our hypothesis : Nungesser & Coli’s aeroplane, L’Oiseau Blanc (The White Bird) has crossed the Atlantic on May 8th & 9th 1927 and crashed very near Saint Pierre & Miquelon, the French...

  • L'Oiseau Blanc: March update

    25 March 2011 ( #News )

    Recent official contacts I had a meeting in December at L'Elysee, with the President's counselors who are following our research. In January, Mr Jacques Gérault, cabinet director of our Defence Ministry came to our conference at the Aero-Club de France,...

  • 2011 research campaign forecast

    13 May 2011 ( #News )

    The sub-marine search for the engine will be located near the "Grappins" heights, As of today, we are still awaiting funds from different administrations, but we contacted the IFREMER who proposed a cooperation during their own campaign "Extraplac", next...

  • L'Oiseau Blanc makes an official debut in Aviation History

    15 February 2012 ( #News )

    This last Friday, February 2012, during the annual diner of the Aero-Club de France, Bernard Decré, President of the NGO " « A la Recherche de l’Oiseau Blanc », - The search for White Bird - has remitted officially the content of the research he conducted...

  • Preparation of June 2012 campaign!

    09 March 2012 ( #News )

    The success of an expedition is very much a matter of preparation! Bernard Decre , President of the association “A la Recherche de l’Oiseau Blanc” (The search for White Bird), Nun gesser & Coli aircraft, which ditched aft er having crossed the Atlantic...

  • New organisation for communications:

    22 October 2012

    Angele Decre, Art Director, is joining the team to manage this blog and the visual identity. Patricia Lamy, Arc En Ciel Communication, stays in charge of Press Relations. contacts : Angèle Decré : +33 ( 0)1 47 71 16 53 - +33 ( 0)6 07 55 45 81 -

  • The press conference

    06 May 2009 ( #News )

    A press conference has taken place May 14 at 6 pm at the Secretary of State for Overseas Territories in the presence of Yves Jégo.

  • Happy 2011 to all Nungesser & Coli's friends!

    01 January 2011

    Bernard Decre and the "Recherche de l'Oiseau Blanc" team wish you a very successful year. We will keep you posted, and hope the remains of the aircraft will be discovered this year. Thank you all for your support!

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